I am a wife to a wonderful man, and a mother to two amazing, adorable, and charming baby boys.  I am An ex Colorado-an by way of Arizona, and now New Jersey, who was born in Oklahoma.  I guess that makes me a super tan, skiing, cowgirl with an attitude.

I am a self taught photographer, who has always been a lover of  how a picture can capture, move and create.  From the first time I was able to  shoot photographs while on my Highschool Yearbook staff, I have loved being behind the lens.

 I have a background in fashion merchandising, which has allowed me to express creativity and learn how to set a mood or stage.  It wasn't until recently, after leaving the corporate world, that I decided to persue this love of art and photography as a new career.

My photographic style is a non-traditional, whimsical and candid approach.  I'm not a fan of posed pictures...that LOOK posed.  My goal is to provide beautiful and affordable pictures that really expresses who you are, and tells your family's story.